I’m Aad ‘t Hart and live with my girlfriend in Delft, The Netherlands, an nice historical little town. While Delft is my home base I also enjoy to explore other parts of the world, both for pleasure as for business. Professionally I’ve a background in mechanical engineering that I still value today, but moved into IT almost 20 years ago. Even today I’m still fascinated by technology innovations and how they effect our lives.
What do I do?

During my professional career the IT as an industry started to evolve form pushing technology towards adopting market demand. The role of IT is changing and continues to change from automating repetitive transactions and optimizing business processes towards supporting social interactions. This means getting in touch with the personal needs and emotional values of the people using technology products. It’s a transition from features and functions towards likeability and adorability or from sophistication towards convenience. This is new in a very engineering driven industry and I’m building bridges between business and IT and facilitating a transformation towards user centric design methodologies in strategic software product development.

How can I help you?

I offer various forms of consultancy services to help you and your organization with various change processes. Your company might not yet see the need for change and you like to evangelize, inspire and challenge others. I can do presentations, talks and or even workshops to help bringing in understanding for change. When the need for change is clear, you are challenged with the what do we need to do. You might need assistance with thinking out of the box and or inspiring your teams to open their minds. Finally when you know what and how to do it, your organization might have to transform and adopt new processes to maintain your innovation. Have a look at a ‘How I can help you presentation and feel free to contact if you have questions or are are interested to work together.

About this blog?

In this blog I express my vision on technology innovations and the effect they have on my life. It’s written from a personal point of view to emphasis the end users’ relation to technology. The blog and my business is hosted on ‘aadjemonkeyrock.com’, a nickname I received in the early days of my career for making ugly (looking like rocks full of monkeys) user experiences. I’ve since then learned that creating excellent user experience is specialized expertise that needs to be left to professionals. In case you are interested in this topic don’t miss ‘User Experience - The series’.


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