Just over a year ago

birthday cakeJust over a year ago I posted the last article on this blog. It was also just before I launched a product that I nurtured from idea into realisation. I was (and I still am) very proud that the product was well received and that people are spending money and become customers.

This is not about Bitcare, this is about how busy year it has been. From product idea to launch was actually easy compared to dealing with growing up. Customers provide you with lots of feedback and feature requests, the market is constantly changing and required adoption and with a cutting edge vision on mobile, it's hard to imagine how much has changed in the last two years. It's a balance act between fulfilling a vision, getting the deals in and continues innovation and dealing with the overly fast technical evolutions. It required to make choices, manage the scarce resources and above work very long days and many weekends.

The long days, the lost weekends are all quickly forgotten when working with passion and knowing that you do something you truly believe in. It's freedom to make your own choices and decisions, to make your own mistakes and follow your dreams. My girlfriend describes it best: You work even more than before, but our quality of life has gone up.

What the next year is going to bring I don't know. What I do know is that I still have pipeline of ideas and innovations that I day, sooner or later, might turn into realisations. Stay tuned to find out and in the mean time hope I will write a bit more often.