One More Week!

The Endeavor Lifts OffA little more then 10 months ago was the last time I published an article on this blog. That has also been about the period I've been busy by bringing an idea to live and turn it into reality. People have been asking what I've been up to and why I wasn't as visible as usually. Well I've been busy!

One more week and I'm ready to share with you and the rest of the world. Just be patient, I still have some last things to do.

I always had many ideas, I shared them, I discussed them with others and most of the time they ended in the bin. Until the day there was something that sticked. I and others believed in the idea and... well lets just give it a shot to bring it to live... and turn it into reality.

The idea involved around bringing mobile/tablet computing into a market that hasn't been automated yet, because they don't have access to a computer. Some call this a blue collar worker, I call them the people that spend their day doing valuable work with their ankles in the mud. They have no desk, they have no computer and most of the time, no interest in a computer (for work).

Software, the cloud, web and mobile apps and a lot more stuff are were well within my comfort zone. It was the easy part, creating a product is really simple, a few engineers with a bit of hacking can do a lot in a short time. The result, a fantastic web and mobile product. However before the hacking could start there was lot more and harder work to do, It was about getting market insights:

  • What is a good market segment to address?
  • What are their real challenges? 
  • How can innovation help them?
  • How to pitch change?
  • How to approach and find pilots to collaborate?
  • How to distribute and sell?
  • What is a sales price that matches the perceived value offered?
  • ... and a lot more

Home work done and ready to roll! Well what about?
  • Financing?
  • Office and infrastructure?
  • Finding the right people to build a wining team?
  • Contracts, Terms and Conditions?

There were, and still are, days that I just have to do 5 jobs at the same time. It's been exciting, valuable and extremely educational. Now just the last seven days to launch, dealing with the business cards, phone numbers, web site, practicing pitches, preparing presentations, and heaps of other stuff on the site... 

We are almost ready for lift off... meet you on the moon... or at least the cloud I will be on for, I guess, just a day...

Image credit: Stuck in Customs