Why the best phone in the world is useless.

For more than 10 years I happily used Nokia mobile phones, but this all changed with the introduction of the first iPhone. Apple changed the way we think about mobile phones and showed the increasing importance of software. Unfortunately Nokia saw this change too late and started too loose many loyal customers. I was one of then, but I always regretted this and hoped that may be one day Nokia would see a turn around.

My love for Nokia made me buy a Nokia N9, as Nokia claims themselves the last Nokia smart phone. The phone is great, a nice form factor, differentiating colors and running an impressively simple and easy to use operating system. Since a few weeks I use the phone as my primary device and I love it, all the basic functions work like a charm. My iPhone 4 now feel clunky and cumbersome to use, I constantly double tab the screen to wake it up and swipe it in an attempt to switch apps. I've just forgotten to use the home button, it feels old and dated.

However as much as I love the phone, it's absolutely useless. The phone is a one of a kind and runs, a dead before born, operating system Meego that lacks a developer eco-system. The selection of apps is extremely limited and even if you only use a hand full of apps, you will be missing a few important once. The iPhone has become a byPhone, just to make sure I can track my fitness while running, follow the train schedule and help me in a few more situation when the Nokia N9 doesn't have proper app support. This of course is completely missing it's purpose, making the Nokia N9 absolutely useless.

The future of Nokia now lays in the hand of the partnership with Microsoft and as much as I like Windows Phone I will not get a Nokia Phone with Windows Phone. It just doesn't fit with my emotional state of being, Windows Phone is something I associate with HTC, Samsung, LG and more of the same black plastic boxes and someday I might pick up one of those as a secondary byPhone. This said, I do hope the partnership between Nokia and Microsoft does turn out to be successful, because I would regret to see Nokia disappear as a brand.

Still I'm happy and proud to use the last Nokia smart phone as my primary device. It clearly shows that Apple is not the only company that can create great usable devices.