I have been living in the future

I never realized that I was living in the future until the future became the present and the present became the past. People like you and me are living in the present and our thoughts and ideas are based on the present and at best based on visions on the future. I'm not any different, but I suddenly realized that in the past I've been working on stuff that actually hyped years later. I must have been living in the future.

12 Years ago I worked on enterprise collaboration software. The goal was to enhance the collaboration between people by allowing people to share documents in a common working environment. It was heavily inspired by the web and universal access, independent of location. In those days the openness and transparency was unheard of, today document collaboration is a commodity. Remember this was long before we knew about SharePoint, Dropbox, Google Docs and many other document collaboration products

8 Years ago I worked on an XML interface to open enterprise software and allow external accessibility. The idea was that a uniform self describing data format would ease the integration of systems. Today the an open API and integration of systems is a must and are widely supported by standards as Web Services and REST style APIs.

6 Years ago I worked on and truly believed in bringing ERP to the cloud. This was before the existence of commoditized cloud platforms, but it was based on the same principles that sharing resources among customers and continues upgrades could dramatically bring down the operational costs for both the vendors as well as for the customers. Today ERP in the cloud is one of the fastest growing areas of interest.

4 Years ago I evangelized and worked on social enterprise software. After replacing paper forms with computers and optimizing the routing and monitoring of processes the next logical step was to add a social and emotional dimension to the solutions. The period of treating people using computers as robots was over and the person machine interaction had to become more human and social again. Interestingly enough not many have pick up on this, except for Salesforce making it the main topic of Dreamforce a couple of weeks ago

2 Years ago I implemented and evangelized User Experience as a strategic discipline at a business software vendor. The war on features is over and it's not about adding more functionality, it's about making people more effective. The person machine interaction does not only have to be social, it has to be effective and emotion positive too. User Experience is going to be the main differentiator of the future as we today can see on the efforts and attention that Google suddenly is putting in their user interfaces and Microsoft telling use the Metrofy our existing solutions.

Today I'm available for helping companies that really want to make their solutions more social and really, really want to invest in the user experience of their solutions. If you need help check out my contact page. However I only do those consultancy jobs if you show commitment to make real changes.

Do I still have ideas that in a few years might be classified as a look into the future? Of course, but I'm not yet ready to disclose those. I've decide to build a business and first try to exploit the ideas myself.


Frank Geldof

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