Steve Jobs, thank you for being a source of inspiration

Dear Steve,

This morning when browsing some tweets on my iPad the first thing that hit me was that you resigned from Apple. My first thought was, OMG I hope your health isn't getting worse. I hope you are getting better and this is a decision made base on your trust in the apple team and not because you have to. Once again I hope you get better soon. The whole day I was busy, but got overwhelmed with news about you. I had to travel quite a bit, what gave me time to think things over a bit.

You and Apple have been a great source of inspiration for my professional career. I'm an engineer by trade, but you made me realize it's not about the technology, it's about what people can do with the technology. It's not about the mega pixels of the camera, but it's about taking great pictures. You made me see I need to serve people and place the user front and center. In my more recent career I turned this into a User Experience evangelist role. Your eye for the smallest detail and focus on simplicity also thought be a few things. When looking at engineering failures from the past, it always leads back to either a lack of focus on the details or not being bullish enough to focus on a simpler solution. You make me realize that mediocre is not good enough and a constant focus on even the smallest and unimportant looking detail is crucial for success. This is hard and that's why solutions should be kept simple.

I'm convinced that Apple as a company will continue to inspire me with great products, but I will miss you as the mentor and personalization of the inspiration. I wish you and Apple all the best for the future

Thank you

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