Aadjemonkeyrock now also on Facebook

A while back I introduced my personal social networking policy and I still believe I made the right choices, but there are a few caveats. In the description of my social networks I still included updates of this blog in my Facebook stream, but came back on this decision and removed blog updates from my Facebook feed. I also learned that with the constant growth of Facebook the number of friend requests increased all the time and my policy enforced me to either ignore or reject most of the requests.

Ignoring or rejecting 'friends' is just wrong, because when people show an interest in other people this shouldn't stay unnoticed. The consequence was that my guidelines started to slide and became a moving target and it just became even more unclear. The only thing that remained clear is that I wanted to keep my Facebook crowd limited and fairly private. A proper solution was needed.

A while back I registered Aadjemonkeyrock as my business and a Facebook page for the business was created. The solution I have for you today is very simple: You can become a fan of the Aadjemonkeyrock Facebook page and interact. This blog will be republished on Aadjemonkeyrock on Facebook and I will post other business related updates, new customers, pictures, presentations, product launches, anything that can be shared at the right time.

The advantages for you are simple: You can easily follow what Aadjemonkeyrock is up to, like, comment and interact. We might even be able to build stronger relationships and you might even be able to promote to my personal space. Did you already like Aadjemonkeyrock in the sidebar?

While a appreciate you as fans I also value my private space, so don't be offended if I remove you from my personal Facebook friends, Aadjemonkeyrock is open for everyone.

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