How I became an Apple fanboy

In the twenty plus years I've been using computers most years was spend behind a Microsoft Windows PC, but in recent years this has shifted towards Apple products. It's interesting to analyze how after so many years working with Windows I made the shift.

In my early engineering days I was interested in the internals of the computer, I could dream Charles Petzold's Programming Windows 3.1 and loved to hack around a bit. Working with early beta releases of  Windows 95, Chicago if I remembers well, Windows NT, 2000, XP, etc. was fun and very educational. Crashes and frequent reinstalls were all part of the game and accepted. I call these my early IT years and over time my professional interest changed from what the computer can do toward what you can do with a computer. I maintained a high interest in the technology, but lost interest in the computer internals and gained interest in the solutions offered. The computer wasn't the central point of attention anymore, the focus was shifting towards the person behind the computer.

During all these year I also had an interest in good design and esthetics. I drove Italian cars, may be not the most reliable, but pretty and build for the driver. I remember buying a Dell computer because it was black and not the ugly off white/beige that was the standard. I also spend a small fortune on a first generation 15" flat panel, just because it looked better and paid too much for a Sony Vaio laptop with a carbon fiber casing. You probably get my point here. I'm prepared to pay a premium for something good looking.

So how did this all make me an Apple fanboy. The first Apple product ever was a simple iPod, but about 4 years ago the first generation iPhone changed something. It was a gadget beyond imagination and showed that something simple to use can be powerful too. However one gadget doesn't make a fan yet. That came a bit later with the launch of the Macbook Air, a beautiful, elegant piece of hardware. I just had to get one and did so almost immediately going for the expensive SSD version. When I bought the machine I actually never ever did something with Max OS-X. I didn't buy for the software, I just bought it because of the looks, the love for the OS came later. It quickly became the computer of my preference, it was light, instant on and off and reboots had become a thing of the past. Now more than 3 years later it's still in operation, a bit less, but this post is for instance still written on my very first Mac computer.

From that point on there was no going back anymore. A year later a bought a Macbook for my girlfriend, this one of the best investments ever, because it always worked and I never had to give support again. When I decided to buy a desktop computer the choice was easy too. Today this household has gone Apple, not because Windows is bad, but because a tight integration between hard- and software just gives a better user experience. The Microsoft model with various hardware partners competing on price using the same software just can't offer the experience I desire. This all said, I'm looking for a pretty looking Windows laptop for a while already. Any more tips?



You can install Windows on Mac these days, isnt that an option? Or use virtualbox on your Mac to run Windows ;)

That misses the purpose. I'm happy with Mac-OS and just want to have a second machine running Windows to compare and test. I want them to be different and I just hope one day 1000$ gives me a beautiful PC

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