Google, you have broken the internet

Dear Google.

I've always been very supportive to anything you have been doing. I could almost say I adored you, but recently you have become very broken.

Over the years I've started to use more and more Google services including Google Apps since I'm living a Apple and Google lifestyle. Reading back this blog you can see that when I wrote about my favorite applications you could see they are very influenced by Google and I for instance also shared my experiences when migrating all my services to my Google Apps account. I did this all because I believed your promises, that it would become a lot easier to manage everything with a single account. I accepted that I would miss Google Buzz and a Google profile for a while, because you told you are working on it and it would be available soon. Unfortunately I'm still waiting, but that is ok! I can handle the lack of Google Buzz and a Google profile, I started to use alternatives and continued to work. I didn't really miss anything and the stuff I have is working.

However this all dramatically changes when you started to release Google plus, first with the buttons and now with the whole Google plus thing. My web and working experience suddenly have become very broken.
  1. You have plastered the web with Google + buttons that are all broken. Pressing results in:

  2. You send me advice to improve my Adsense performance (see the email here). I should implement a Google + button! Well done, I can't even test my own Google + button, see the message above.

  3. You are brainwashing the Silicon Valley Technology bloggers to adopt Google + so they start tweeting and sharing links to Google + articles. You know how they show up?

    Another false promise, because pressing results again in.... the above Oops message

  4. On the iPad the experience is even worse

    You got me to think I needed to enable something... but not.

So you have by now broken the Google web experience. I realize you didn't do this on purpose and you probably just got to busy fighting Microsoft, Apple, Facebook and the rest of the world and forgot about the experience of your loyal customers. I also realize that things go wrong and new developments need to go through a beta period for a select number of people, however this doesn't mean you can just break the web for so many other people. 

This is a crises situation and I expect you to step up and do something about it. I've a few suggestions:
  • Give Google Apps accounts access like other gmail accounts! They don't need anything extra, just a profile so they can continue working.
  • Give clear messages when things go wrong and provide real promises on the availability of fixes.
  • Stop treating your Google Apps accounts as second citizens. 

I can deal without Google +, but I can't deal with a broken Google web!

Best Regards


Ronald Voets

I've started Google+ since I kept getting emails that people added me. Can't see much value and with the little value i had using Google buzz, I've not yet started exploring Google+. Here's some other reasons why Google+ creates a mess:

@f3bb8ab83bfc5afd104faeab343bff90:disqus It's not that I need Google +, Actually I don't really care. All I want is working links instead of the broken links I have right now. 

I've also run into scoping issues across different Google accounts.

Ask Your Question To The Googlers Behind The Google+ Project tomorrow

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