The dream job you always wanted

The DreamDisclaimer: I'm building the team for a technical start-up and this is an attempt to have you reconsider your current job.

You are a senior software engineer, with some good years under your belt and gained a comfortable position. You work in a stable environment, have nice coworkers and a good salary that helps you dealing with your responsibilities towards your family. The work is nice, challenging enough, but unfortunately not always the latest and the greatest. Sometimes, for a second, you dream about being part of a high profile team working on the latest hypes, but as quickly as it came it goes away. You know it's not for you, because you like the comfort of stability and knowing what you do tomorrow.

Recently you complete your study and you are currently working on some projects. Your job expectations, based on promises of the recruiter, were high, but now reality has hit and you are a bit disappointed with the work offered. With your background, education and expertise you think you can handle more responsibility.

You haven't yet completed your study, but are already planning the next step. You excel in what you do and are really looking for something where you can make an impact. May be you can already get something going in the final years of your study. Wouldn't it be great to combine an academic and business life in an inspiring environment.

Ready for a new challenge?
  • Do something else.
  • Be part of a team that works with the latest on cloud and mobile technologies.
  • Accept lack of stability and trade some of your pay for flexibility and working on your terms.
  • Say goodbye to offices and only meet to get inspired.

I'm looking for mobile and cloud (the real PaaS stuff) developers with an interest in bringing fun, emotion, efficiency and automation to those not yet automated.

Just think about it! If you are interested you find my contact details on the contact page.

Image: Atsuke

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