The Perfect Office

I was thinking about what the perfect office would look like, this inspired by a Foursquare buddy shouting 'at the office' with a bar check-in. In a way this made a lot of sense, more on that later.

What do I expect from an office: It needs to be a place to find inspiration, to meet, challenge and coach people. An office should be about people and less about work, what can be done much more effective in many other places anyway.


It can be found anywhere and when I need to find inspiration I like to get out of the box. An inspirational office needs to be open, lots of windows to look outside and easy to get out for new impulses. I prefer people as impulses, just looking and observing behavior triggers my mind. So when getting out of the office box I look for people.


When meeting people you want to be comfortable, have a drink and some food to enhance the comfortable setting. Depending on the meeting topic and size of the group you want a different kind of setting with various configuration options of tables, desks and lounge couches.


The office must be easy to reach, a short commute and easy accessible with different means of transportation and if necessary parking must be easily available. It also needs to be located in an inspiring environment, so when getting out of the box you don't need to go for for new impulses.


During the last six months of my nine to five employment I worked in the near perfect brand new Exact Headquarter. It was an open office with a very comfortable homey atmosphere, unfortunately it was in the middle of a field along the highway so getting out of the box didn't really inspire. Still it was the best office I ever worked in.

Nowadays I mainly work from home giving heaps of freedom, good coffee and a nice view. I actually work at different location on different tasks depending on the weather. Does this make sense? Probably not! When the sun is shinning in the morning the real home office is getting too hot and I work in the cosy dining room. The work gets done efficiently, but what about inspiration and meeting people.

I found a solution for this, coming back to the very first point in this post. What about a bar as an office? I actually do most of my meetings at 'Moodz eten & drinken'. It's only a five minute walk from the home office, it's in the middel of town, close to rail and bus station and next to a parking garage so easy accessible for external visitors. Depending on the occasion and weather there are various ways of sitting, lounging, eating or drinking while having an effective meeting. When the meeting gets stuck and new inspiration is required you can always catch a movie at the opposite of the street or go to DOK Delft, a library concept center for new impulses.

So, my perfect office has two locations, Home and Moodz. What is your perfect office? Leave a comment below.


Most of us think of having our own office. Consider these factors so you can have a perfect office. Thanks for sharing.

Louis Mccoy

I don't think there's a perfect office. Maybe for ourselves there is, but you just can't convince everyone. You can at least do a good job by knowing these things.

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It depends on the culture of the company as well. The facility needs to be built according to company specifications.

Asia LifeJ

My perfect office is eTown in Ho Chi Minh city, Vietnam. That is international standard office where I am working into.

Tyrone Cook

I have tried a home office before, yes it is very comfortable to the point that I feel lazy and unmotivated. The perfect office for me is a typical office cubicle with good music in the background, and no telephones.

makati office space

I think the perfect office for me is somewhere that has great co-workers and is very conveient and near to my home.

Virtual offices are really great since it can cut costs. Thanks.

The perfect office for me would be somewhere near my place and it should have clean lavatories.


You make valid points. Business owners should make sure that their employees appreciate the workplace they provide. I'm happy to say that I have the ideal Makati office space. It's not perfect (yet), but people enjoy working there.

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