Cloud, Mobility and Generation-Y

During the preparations of a few upcoming presentations I noticed a recurring pattern. The presentations all center around the changes we see in information technology and the effects on our lives.  Technology and especially information technology has always been very good in selling us the latest and the greatest in technology development, currently it's all about cloud and mobile computing. For me these technology developments are nothing more than the logical evolution of what we already had, what really excites me are the new opportunities they are creating. With generation-Y, the first fully digital educated generation, getting into decision making positions results in identifying and capturing new opportunities.

Cloud computing

Cloud computing according to the Wikipedia is the provision of computational resources on demand via a computer network. Cloud computing can be compared to the supply of electricity and gas, or the provision of telephone, television and postal services. We have come to a point where we realize that it's more convenient to buy computing from a service provider instead of producing our own computing.

The technology is mature, but adoption is still in its infancy, due to perceptions of security, control and other political reasons. This is normal for fairly disruptive technologies and is just a matter of time to remove the barriers. I already see adoption getting good traction and it will most likely accelerate in the next few years. Cloud computing is going to happen and everybody should give it a place on their agenda en roadmaps. The key question is not so much anymore whether you should move towards the cloud, but much more how you get there step by step and create constant value on the way.

Let's all decide to get this done quickly so we can move towards clear sunny skies again.

Mobile computing

It's about 15 years ago that I got my first mobile phone because I was going to travel around Australie and New Zealand and wanted to stay in touch. I realized that a mobile phone was technology that allowed me to travel around at the other side of the world while still being only a phone call away. It's hard to imagine that this was actually easier than email, what wasn't very well adopted at that point in time.

Today the mobile technology has matured and the term mobile phone has become misleading, because instead we can carry around tiny little multi-media super computers with permanent high speed data connections allowing us to do much more that just making phone calls. Communication, collaboration and interaction between people becomes real-time, independent of time and location.

Mobile computing is there to stay and sooner or later, depending on your information technology solution, it becomes the primary computing platform for your solutions.


What I realized 15 years ago, a whole generation is realizing today. The mature and available new technologies create new opportunities to live our lives in a different way. Instead of the information technology revolution of the 80's and 90's that focused around using new technology to optimize the efficiency and productivity of existing processes, the generation-Y is using using new technology to do new things in new ways. This will be very disruptive, as we can see from the music industry, and will touch all of us. It's now the time to innovate and break with the past, because if you don't do it someone else will.

The innovation and disruption has already extensively started in consumer services, but for business services we are only at the beginning. While in the past innovations started in organizations and dribbled down into the consumer space, it's now the other way around and business services are lacking behind. The consumerization of business services is only at the beginning. Exciting times a head for all of us.

What do you think, do we get more of the same or is the world really changing?


rising the question is answering it

Ok, but how come I see most people act as if nothing is going to change?

The world is really changing, high talent PhD candidate and undergraduate students I know, have no intention of working for a corporation without vision mission. Instead, really excited, and very connected, they plan on doing or joining startups based on mobile and cloud technologies.


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