User Experience is like Sex

Sex SellsSometimes it's fun to compare stuff with the only thing that really sells: Sex!

User Experience is like Sex:
  • Everybody's talking about it
  • Only a few are actively doing it
  • ... and only a very few are very good at it
  • It's difficult to do well
  • There are always easy excuses not to get started
  • ... and it's difficult to measure quality and performance
  • Most people don't like to pay for it
  • ... and see it as something that can be done on the side
  • Only a few make it their core business

I do believe that User Experience, especially in software, will be the differentiator in this decade. The cold war on features cannot be won and it's time to address the emotional site of things. I can help you to make User Experience design part of your strategic product development, and I can already tell you now this starts at idea generation and incubation.

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Image: Jon Cockley

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