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This morning I was analyzing the subscriptions to this blog and found some surprises.

Geeks only

If you consider your self a geek, technology freak or think to know what is going on in the field of technology you can continue to read, but as a warning: this can lead to insanity!

Constantly we hear that RSS, once a promising technology that was going to change the way we consume information, is dead! I've come to the conclusion that unfortunately this is pretty close to reality. In the past I believed it was easy enough to teach others how to use RSS, but unfortunately it's too complicated and it doesn't work as advertised. I also have come to realize that RSS is something that solely plays a role in the geek world, because most people don't understand what RSS is and let alone understand how to subscribe and use RSS.

RSS as a technology isn't dead and has a pretty good future, as long as it stays out of sight of people and serves in the background. Lets now, in the interest of the people, all stop thinking that RSS subscriptions are the holy grail for content delivery.

If you don't understand this section, I warned you. However you should be able to understand the next section.

.. and for non geeks

You have come to this place either by accident, but more likely through search or just because you like what I write and regularly go to looking for some new and fresh content.

Wouldn't it be great if you could receive notifications when fresh content is published so you don't need to check for yourself? Well now you can be among the first to read new articles, just subscribe to updates by email. This means as soon as new articles are published, they automatically arrive in you inbox. All you need to do is to fill in the form (for a limited time only) in the sidebar on the right.

Happy reading.

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