Flying Blue, KLM and Sixt, You call this a special offer?

I've done a bit of flying, both private as well for business. Many of the flight are with KLM and as FlyingBlue member I also appreciate newsletters and special offers. In the last few weeks I received a special five year FlyingBlue anniversary offer.

Since I'm going to Finland next week and I liked the prospect of driving a BMW 3 Series for the week and a half I clicked through and got at the action site

For the non Dutch speaking people it all about driving a BMW 3 Series for only 55 Euro a day what is a very interesting offer. The link got me at a special FlyingBlue part of the Sixt site. I selected the destination, dates and the country of residence and calculate the special FlyingBlue fare. This wasn't very easy, because at first I could only select destinations in France and my default country of residence was Germany, but eventually I got the quote.

Click image see a larger version

Well, the 113.87 Euro a day is more than double the advertised price. I couldn't see a reason or explanation where the difference is coming from. Since I found this a bit strange, so just for fun I went to check-out the full fare. I went to and entered exactly the same destination, dates and home country to get a new offer. You see the full price offer below.

Click image to see a larger version

Interestingly the full price came out about 20% lower that the discounted price. The price is still a lot more than the advertised 55 Euro a day, but more acceptable.

I'm also aware that a special offer usually has so many restrictions that it almost impossible to meet all the requirements, but a discounted price that is 20% more than full price feels to me as ripping someone off.

I guess this experience doesn't put KLM and Sixt in my good books.

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