Cool, Video on your Business card

Business cards are, especially in this digital age, kind of a boring tradition. I was wondering if I really need them for my own business. However then I saw this and I was hooked.

What about video on your business card? This is what you have to do:

  1. Print this page
  2. Take a pair of scissors and cut out the little card pictured above
  3. Go to the web address on the card:
  4. Hold the card about 20-30 cm (8-12") from your web cam.
  5. Wait and see.
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Note: I do not have any affiliation with the mentioned company.


Ronald Voets

I tried this today using the picture from your blogpost. When holding it in front of my webcam, the website does recognize it, i see a Youtube screen appear (which also reacts to the moving of the picture) but there's no video shown. So it's a black Youtube screen

Ronald, it must have been something at the site. I tested and it does show a video.


Cool Aad, het werkt echt!! Nu nog een filmpje maken over beautiful-bag.

I think that's a really good idea considering the fact that most people are into new technologies today.


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Dale Huff

I think that's very cool. In that way, it's easier for business owners to show their business cards. Thanks.

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 really cool idea i like it very much.
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