Communication with the service provider failed

It's exciting, challenging and good for the brain to dive into something new, but very frustrating if you get stuck after a day. A recently started to dive into some Mobile Apps development. I'm a bit rusty with my programming skills, but I'm happy with the progress I've been making. The real nice thing of software development is that you can quickly show off results.

The last 2 days I was busy to get something done in Android, the first day was productive, I got a development environment working, went thru a 'Hello Android' tutorial and got  the basic structure for my app up and running. I could activate different activities with different layouts and had data access for temporary storage working. Today I spend on the connection with the back-end server, involving an OAuth based authentication and consuming some REST services.

A little bit of googling let me to several examples for OAuth authentication on Andriod using the signpost library. I've been working with OAuth before and I thought it was just hooking up the correct library and a bit of Java syntax to get it all working. It couldn't be very difficult. A bit of copy-paste got me going quickly.... until I got stuck on: 'Communication with the service provider failed'. I wasn't even able to get my first request token from the service. I googled more, tried several variations, started from scratch and started to get desperate. I left the project alone for a while, my way of finding new inspiration, and a few hours later googled a bit more and run into a Facebook developers getting started on mobile apps document. It suddenly got my attention because:

It made immediate sense, the 'Communication with the service provider failed' was just a result of no permissions. I was thrilled, quicky added

<uses-permission android:name="android.permission.INTERNET"></uses-permission>

to the Android Manifest.xml and yes it was working.

Since this did the trick for me and nobody else mentions to try this I decided to share.


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Hearbeat Horror

Sir, I have added this line in the manifest file, and the project worked well the day before but its giving me this same error now. Do you have any idea what may be wrong? Thanks.

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