Bring Internet Explorer 6, 7 and 8 down to 0%

I could easily answer the quest on The Internet Explorer 6 Countdown with a simple statement that I've replaced all my home computing to various  Macs and thus no chance to run Internet Explorer anymore. Well that would be too easy.

I actually like the attention the Microsoft is giving to a self created problem. When BP polluted the gulf they were held liable for cleaning up their mess. Now Microsoft is showing some effort to help cleaning up the Internet Explorer 6 mess. All I now hope for is that after the 14th, when Internet Explorer 9 gets officially released, Microsoft extends the efforts also to Internet Explorer 7 and 8.

Many years ago a web developer could just develop for the de-facto standard Internet Explorer because 98% of the people could be served. From a developer perspective it was easy and convenient, but from a customer perspective it resulted in lack of browser innovation. Today the world has changed, browsers must be competitive and innovative, but back fires on developer convenience. Standards are supposed to help and support interoperability. Today we are at a phase that the once dominant browser Internet Explorer needs to catch up on the standards and can compete for user attention on equal terms.

For this to happen we first need to get rid of Internet Explorer 7 and 8 too, so lets start those efforts today. I'm just fed up with spending time on fixing layout issues on Internet Explorer that run fine on all other browsers.

Note: I actually like Internet Explorer 9, because it's fast and uses the screen real estate very efficiently.

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