Inspiration from People

A couple of days ago I wrote about a search for inspiration when you get stuck, now I'll talk about finding inspiration from people. Yesterday I spend some time at Yes!Delft, the incubator of the Technical University of Delft. They recently moved into a nice new building, at itself already an inspiring place, because it brings together a groups of young starting technology companies. This makes is a high concentration of young motivated and ambitious people with great ideas.

I spoke to a bunch of people, but the main reason for the visit was Virtualock, actually just 2 guys with a great idea, transformed into a product solving a real problem of computer theft. I met Sander, one of the founders, about a year and a half ago a the Delft Design and Engineering Award when he was still busy with his promotion work and only recently we got in touch again, proving the power of the network, and we just met for a chat. There was no agenda, no clear goal, but absolutely worth the time. The starters appreciate the interest and value experience based tips and for me is was just inspiring to see the enthusiasm, passion and ambition in the young people. They are young, smart and not afraid to make mistakes with a clear focus on the opportunity and even without any money pursue their dreams. This in contrast with people like me, that have more experience, but also have a tendency towards avoiding risks instead of grabbing an opportunity. Unfortunately I most likely can't be a startup advisor as a paid day job, but I can let myself inspire and advice by these young people and continue with the plans for my own start up ideas.

I you want to get inspired by people, just meet up with the people that do what you dream about.

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