Emotion, Innovation or just plain Simplicity

A few weeks ago I tweeted about an interesting advertisement targeting.

linking to:

It was very nicely done, because both products are online accounting systems (in the Netherlands) and since I'm in the process to start my own business I do need something for my accounting.

Exact Online (Dutch only) is the product from my former employer Exact, that I left four months ago. It offers very complete accounting, great collaboration with your accountant and many customers are happy about the product, shown by the strong growth over the last years. I still carry a warm heart towards Exact and Exact Online would be an excellent emotional choice for my accounting needs, especially because my accountant likes it a lot.

However I'm also an innovator and I like to solve existing challenges in new ways. Yuki (Dutch only) is also online accounting, but takes a bit of a different approach using the tagline: Discover the ease of Yuki accounting. Accounting always starts with some kind of document, give us (Yuki) the document and we take care of the rest. Yuki innovated the process and sort of took the sting out of accounting, I like this kind of, lets look from another viewpoint, innovation and it would be an excellent innovative choice for my accounting.

Great so far, but key issue here is that I do not really like accounting and only see it as a necessity to register the money coming and going out. There must be a simpler way of doing this, using language and concepts I understand. I really like that approach Zoho Books shows here, it looks really simple and fun (check out the full post if the video below doesn't show)

What should I do? Make a decision based on loyalty, innovation or follow my heart and go for simplicity?

Disclaimer: This is not a recommendation for any sort of product and should not be interpreted as such. I deliberately didn't compare features or discussed pricing models. I only used these products to illustrate that there are many different arguments as a basis for making a decision.

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