All My Favorite Apps in One Image

Just the other day when I was going thru my normal routine I noticed that the number applications I frequently use is very limited. I've captured them all in one small image.

What do we see
  1. Google Chrome to capture the applications. It has become my favorite browser because it's simple, fast and syncs important information between various computers. Unfortunately it doesn't synchronize my tabs and extension settings yet.
  2. GMail, for all my email. I'm not very structured in storing and labeling email, but the search is so good that even a chaotic person like me can always find an email from the past.
  3. Google Calendar, unfortunately I do need a calendar to keep track of appointments.
  4. Google Docs, for taking notes and sometimes writing larger documents, especially useful when collaborating with others on a document, spreadsheet or presentation. More recently I've also start using it to store and archive other types of documents. 
  5. Google Reader, for me RSS isn't dead yet. A lot of interesting technology news comes from the US, so when living in Europe this is nicely waiting for you at breakfast. RSS is perfect for this time-shifting news consumption.
  6. Twitter, nothing more to explain, use it the way you feel comfortable. It's worth mentioning that the official Twitter web client has replaced Brizzly
  7. Quora, a recent addition. I'm not sure yet if it will stick, but for now I'm exploring and looking what it can do for me.
  8. Blogger, I love blogger for writing more articles like these.
  9. Prezi, for those situations that I want to create a real cool presentation. I'm only exploring just the start of what is possible, but I love it a lot. A recent Prezi presentation about my ability to help you can be found here.
  10. Pixlr, for the occasional simple editing of images, mainly to prepare them to include in one of these blog posts. It does all the basic edit operations without having to install and maintain complex desktop software. It's a glimpse into the future!
I'm a cloud evangelist and it shouldn't be a surprise that these are all browser based applications. They are always up to date, I don't need to worry about back-ups and they are device independent. I can use them anywhere on any device.

However there are some situations where installed desktop applications are still better or in some cases the only way to get something done.
  1. Skype as my fixed phone while working at a desk somewhere. I tried the whole Google Video & Voice chat, but it isn't working really working from a user experience perspective. 
  2. iTunes to manage my iPod and iPhone, well mainly to make backups and sync some stuff. It's one of those things that is hard to do without.
  3. Picasa to organize my vacation photos
  4. Final Cut Express or iMovie for editing short movies, see some at my YouTube channel.
  5. Microsoft PowerPoint when I need to align myself with some common business standards. I'm looking forward to the day that I can use all editing functionality with Office Web Apps and can get rid of the desktop version. I don't use it a lot, but each time I do, I first need to install some patches, reboots etc...
  6. Eclipse for some hobby project on the Google AppEngine, for instance my life stream 
... and there are a whole lot of apps that I use occasionally, but couldn't do without. To keep the list inline with the original title I will not detail them out.

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