You are Invited, Happy Commenting

Discussions and conversations are the basis for creativity, innovation and collaboration. In this blog I aim to inspire, challenge and stimulate people to think differently. However my articles can only be a start, a real conversation can only take place with your participation.

I also received feedback and learned that commenting here is too cumbersome. It's difficult, often doesn't work properly and misses modern features like threaded comments and likes. As I already mentioned in my top 7 reasons to love Blogger I considered alternatives and choose to implement Disqus, a specialized add-on for blog and community comments.

A couple of things you need to know:
  1. None of your valuable comments have gone missing. Everything is still where it always was.
  2. You still create anonymous comments.

  3. I do however recommend you to create a Disqus profile and use the email address you use for comments.

  4. The disqus profile becomes an anchor point for all your comments created on supported systems. You can see mine.

  5. If you want to collect all your comments in one place but don't want to show your real name, you can just leave your real name empty in your profile.
The new comment system allows your to:
  1. Reply to a comments and have a proper conversation with someone else in the community.
  2. Like a comment if you want to support somebodies efforts.
  3. Use your Twitter or Facebook account to leave comment.
  4. Share your comment on Twitter or Facebook.
  5. Subscribe by email or RSS to comments. 

For more information on 'How to comment' read the Disqus help

Join the conversation

  • Be the first to comment in the new system
  • Let me know if you like it or not
  • Ask me a question
  • Propose topics to write
  • Request from writing a guest post
  • ... you will figure out something



Nice Article , i love to do blog commenting and for me disqus is the best place for commenting.

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