Tablets the Next Corporate IT Disruption

DisruptionCES is about to start and is for a large part about tablets, besides the Apple with the iPad many more hardware vendors are introducing tablets in various formats, specification running and a number of operating systems. The IT landscape will become more divers, creating new challenges for CIO's and IT managers.

In many organizations the IT domain is for a large part running Microsoft software and it's doing a fine job. The personal productivity tools like Office, Outlook and Exchange have become the de-facto standard in many organizations, people know how to use and manage them and thus reduces learning and help costs. Recently they have also been extended with communication and collaboration solutions such as Lync and SharePoint, making the Microsoft stack pretty complete. Microsoft is adopting the cloud and over time, everybody on their own pace, many will move their personal productivity to the cloud. The wide spread nature of the Microsoft solutions has some good advantages, expertise and qualified staff is widely spread and available. It's a lot harder to find expertise on a rare product.

Many organization are still in the process to deploy or extend the above Microsoft solutions to increase their return on investments. This keeps IT usually pretty busy and they, for efficiency, like to standardize on a limited number of hardware organizations and software versions and vendors. All very understandable from a traditional way of thinking, however they are going to be disturbed...

In my 2011 dreams I already talked about the disruptive force of cloud computing and mobility is having in organizations. If you are at a point to renew or reinvest it's great, because you have much more options to consider creating the best value for your company. If you are in the middle of deployment it's a bit harder, your budgets are set, you are busy and first need to create some return on investment.

After CES we will see more tablets surfacing and also demand for corporate support will increase, especially because many managers want to show off their hot devices during the many meetings they attend. These will be devices running Android, WebOS, iOS and probably some Windows too. The nice uniform corporate IT landscape is gone and will probably be gone forever. Yet another serious challenge for CIO's and IT management. They will not be able to fulfill all demand and have to make choices and disappoint people. However, people will find their way to use and show off their devices.

Corporate IT is getting challenged from all directions, with tighter budgets, increased demand for social computing technology and technology developments going faster than they can deploy. They are kind of stuck, how would you solve this challenge? Leave your comments below.

Image: Lachlan Hardy

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