Open Letter to Mr Steve Jobs at Apple

Mr. Steve Jobs,

First I sincerely want to wish you all the best with your health, because no matter how many great electronic gadgets we have, someones health is still the most precious thing in life. You should absolutely take all the time necessary to get fit and make it your first priority. I'm absolutely sure that you build a great team at Apple that can continue to provide the world with more amazing products.

I write you this letter on advice of a former staff member at Exact,

Lili Sukirman who thought, since I'm in between jobs, I would be a valuable asset for the Apple company. I'm open minded, have an excellent eye for detail and perfection and I don't mind swimming against the stream to challenge existing patterns and thoughts. Lili is right concerning those qualifications and I'm absolutely more than happy and would be excited to share them with people within Apple.

However reality is different, you and your company need the best and most talented people in the world to continue to deliver fantastic and fabulous products. I wouldn't flatter myself being into that category, even thought I would love to be part of your team. Lili Sukirman on the other hand is one of those extremely talented people. She graduated in Architecture and Industrial design, her life is still young and still she already gained an enormous amount of business experience in many areas and she has more energy that I can imagine. So if you really want to get the best people on board, Lili is someone you absolutely should get in touch with. She comes with my highest recommendation, for what it's worth, and I'm absolutely convinced she would become a thriving force in the Apple team.

Best regards and my sincere get well wishes

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