My Top 7 Reasons for using Blogger

This blog is hosted on Blogger and for some good reasons. I love Blogger, learn why:
  1. Reliable, the last thing you want to happen is your readers to have a poor experience due to unavailability or poor performance of your blog. Blogger is a very safe bet to make sure you offer the best services possible as the Royal Pingdom recently tested.
  2. Scalable, the Google infrastructure guarantees your site to stay available when you experience a sudden peak of visitors, as I myself experienced when the blog was mentioned as a Blogger blogs of note
  3. Simple, it just does what it needs to do and for me that is enough (Blogger versus Wordpress).
  4. Mobile optimized templates straight out of the box, probably the best new feature of 2010. This enables the continuously growing number of people on the go consuming to consume your work with a mobile optimized experience.
  5. Maximum convenience with superb integration with other Google services. With a single sign-on  Google account, host your blog on Blogger, embed pictures from Picasa, syndicate your feed with Feedburner, get statistics with Google Analytics and monazite with Adsense. No confusion, switching platforms or forgotten usernames and passwords, just very convenient.
  6. Nice customizable default templates
  7. Options for hardcore HTML and CSS customizations. A long way back when Twitter buttons weren't that common yet I already hacked them into blogger.
Beside these great features there are also some areas for improvement:
  1. Favorite icons that show everywhere. It's possible to define, with a bit of template hacking, your own favorite icon, however it doesn't show up in all places. For instance Google Reader will still show the default Blogger favorite icon.
  2. The comment system has recently seen some good improvments, but it's still not good enough. I'm currently evaluating Disqus for the redesign of this blog.


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