My 2010 in Review

Fireworks 042010 has for me been a pretty exciting year in many ways. Based on my favorite activities and things I'll go over the year and look at the effects it had on my personal life.


I enjoy to travel, going places and enjoy new things and tastes. 2010 has been a good year on this. In the first half of the year business travel was up a bit from 2009 and included Seattle, Cluj in Romania, Kuala Lumpur, Denver and Washington. I'm happy was able to combine some with them with some free time too. Personal travel followed the usual pattern, some short weekend trips, a winter snowboarding trip, a longer summer/fall vacation and family visits in Finland. Some of the new places I visited were Victoria Island in Canada, Washington DC and Japan while other places that got revisited are Seattle, Venice in Italy, Brussels in Belgium and M√ľnster in Germany.


I always claim I don't have many, but others seem to see this slightly differently. This year felt a bit slow on the gadgets and only included:
  • iPad, a great device that really changed the way I consume information and has highly impacted my computing habits. Instead of breakfast with a laptop I now use the iPad and while watching some occasional television the iPad is always on my side for some news snacking on the side.
  • iPhone 4, just an update from my 3G (I skipped the 3GS) and this was necessary. The evolution of mobile goes currently so fast that two years with one phone (and thus a 2 year contract with a telecoms provider) is too long. I love the phone, it looks and feels great.
  • IXUS 130 to replace a really old IXUS 400. I'm amazed how much technology fits in such a small device, especially cos it contains moving precision mechanical parts. It's beautifully engineered, has numerous different settings for taking pictures and even worked at -30 (see the slideshow below).

  • Magic Trackpad for my iMac. I've always been a touch pad fan and never used an additional mouse with any of my laptops. The Magic Trackpad was something I always dreamed of and it doesn't disappoint. The Magic Mouse has been untouched ever since. 

A year of significant change. The move to a new modern building was a real nice experience. It showed how a new environment can really influence how people work together, motivates and changes the overall atmosphere. It was also a year where I build a User Experience team and facilitated a shift toward user centric design. However it was also a year with many management changes and some of my close buddies leaving. It had become a good moment to start and explore some new opportunities. I'm currently reinventing myself to define what I like doing the most. I will soon publish some more on this.


Obviously many of these changes are having an effect my personal life too. Especially the professional change is having a big impact, although out of work, I'm much more relaxed than I've ever been. This brings more peace and relaxation at home and increases my quality of life. I of course do realize this is a temporary situation and during 2011 have to get my professional life back on track. For now however it's a great learning experience and gives me time to look forward to and exciting 2010.

How was your 2010?

Image: sunsurfr

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