How a simple change makes the difference

I spend the holidays with relatives in Finland. Usually we fly with KLM from Amsterdam to Helsinki and drive the rest of the trip (a 6 hour drive). This time for a change we choose to spend a bit more on flying with Finnair and drive less. This turned out to be a wise choice, because the snow and weather conditions weren't very favorable for driving.

When boarding at Amsterdam I told my girlfriend: You know why I don't like flying these Airbusses (Finnair uses Airbusses)? Of course she had no idea, it's because you can't see the row numbers when walking down the aisle. On various trips I noticed that the row numbers in an Airbus are placed below the overhead storage, while Boeing places them on the side. I'm not terribly tall but the Airbus solution must have been designed by either a very short person or form was clearly chosen over function. In the picture below you can see what I mean.

Unfortunately in this situation the row number is only visible for either very short people or when you constantly bend over. I really believed this was a design error and made the first experience with the plane an unpleasant one.

This time however I noticed a difference. Finnair or Airbus had improved the situation and I could board the plane walking up straight and still see the row numbers. In addition to the nicely designed row numbers below the overhead storage an additional number was placed on the side, very easily visible when walking the aisle.

The solution was simple and effective and didn't even need a redesign of the complete interior of the plane, because it was just a simple snap-on additional row number.

A small change that made the overall boarding experience a lot nicer.

Do you know small changes with big improved experiences?

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