Capture all your 2010 Memories with Memolane

I've this fascination with life streaming, we constantly capture moments in time with pictures, status updates, check-ins, etc. but do actually very little with all the information. It's longevity is pretty short, while it contains a lot of memories and history that defined us over time.

I wrote about life streaming before, tried several services and I'm even experimenting with my lifestream build on the Google AppEngine. However none of the services are perfect, many are very slow, don't go back in time far enough and several even have stopped their operation.

Now Memolane (in beta) is doing another attempt and I'm impressed with the first attempt. It has some good things going for it:

  • Uses an easy way to add services. Not a very extensive list yet, but a good start
  • It's just beautiful, it looks great and has very nice way of navigating true time
  • It's fast and I hope they can keep scaling when the go live and usages increases
  • It doesn't use Flash so it works on your iPad too
This is it for 2010, check out my Memolane and leave your feedback in the comments below.

A healthy and prosperous 2010!

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