Are we Abandoning Social Computing?

Farmers' MarketThe last two years have all been about social media, social computing and social networking. It has been the holy grail of innovation and media attention. I've participated myself a bit as well, with for instance: business software a must.

Recently however I hear and feel a new under tone, it's more and more about quality of conversation instead of just being there. This was also for me a reason to adapt how I use social media and the likes. Briefly after I published 'My different (social) networks', just before National Unfriend Day, I read how Louis Gray, a prominent blogger, adjusted his social computing usage and yesterday I even run into: Creative Destruction: Why Facebook and Twitter May be Doomed.

What is happening here? Social computing has become mature and the novelty is gone. People review how they participated and re-evaluated the value they got out of it. In the beginning the novelty encourages you to be part of it, you don't want to be left out and just follow the crowd. Now social computing and social media has gone main stream you don't stand out in participation anymore and can choose your own path moving around. You can set you own standards for participation and involvement. This is good, although it gives people a little less  to write about, but we will be able to get more value out of it.

Join the conversation and tell how you are participating.

Image:  Natalie Maynor


The hypes shifting from experiments and trend newness to marketing to individual prospects and customers.

The stakes are raised for everyone, sales people get to lever social media to engage with individual customers tastes.

Those who don't know to link to customers this way will fail.

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