Using my Google Apps Account as a Full Google Account

Earlier this year Google announced to bring parity between the Google Apps account and full Google accounts. This would make most Google services available for Google Apps users. This I performed the transition of my Google Apps account to a full Google account and started to migrate services. It's not all smooth sailing.

I've very simple situation with a Google Apps account for personal use. I like to have my email, calendar, documents etc. nicely organized in one place on the domain. Next I also have a Google account primarily used for Google reader, YouTube, Blogger, FeedBurner and a few minor services.

My goal after the migration was to have one single account for use with Google services so I don't have to think anymore when to use which account!

The migration when smoothly. I first read the documentation, run through the transition wizard, enabled multiple sign-in and started to migrate information. Since I was not going to remove the personal Google account I'm fine with the data sharing options. Some of the experiences and pain points:
1. FeedBurner, it was simple and easy to transfer the feeds, probably the best migration possible
2. Blogger, just add the Google Apps account as an author with administrator privileges. You do get a new blogger profile (with a new blogger since date) and images used as of now are stored in a Picasa album on the Google Apps account. Not all very nice, but very workable.
3. Analytics, about the same process as Blogger, just add the extra account with administrator priviledges.
4. YouTube, followed the instructions, but it never mentioned that you can't transfer to a Google Apps account. I learned this the hard way. YouTube is a not supported on the Google Apps accounts (even so some information tells differently)
5. Google Reader, Moving your feeds to the new Google Apps account is simple, but you will loose your trends, followers, starred and shared items. I consider this a real problem and to make it even worse you Google Apps account can NOT have a google profile. This means you can't even create a custom URL for your shared items. After extensive thinking I will take the pain and request my followers to follow me on the new Account.
6. Picasa, there is no transition possible! I do regret this, because now I've ended up with 2 Picasa albums creating a lot of confusion.

Google: Your call to action!
1. Enable Google Profiles for Google Apps accounts! This should be your top priority to get fixed.
2. Allow transfer of Google Reader history and statistics to the new Google Apps account.
3. Enable YouTube to link to a Google Apps account!
4. Allow the transfer of Picase albums to the new Google Apps account.

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