User Experience - The Series

bibliografia user experience design
Image: Stefano Bussolon
During the last few months I've shared my experiences on implementing User Experience design into a product development process. It was an interesting, educational and very rewarding experience.

I planned to write a complete series of articles toward final success, but things turned out to be a bit different. I quit my job and thus I wasn't able to complete to process towards successful strategic implementation. However I'm very confident that the team will succeed, but just without me.

Here I present you the published articles in the most convenient order for you to read

1. It all started with letting go and realization that I'm NOT the typical user
2. Followed by the activities to get started
3. ... and the battles you have to fight to get support on your efforts
4. Manage the expectations, because it's not the silver bullet
5. Your first feelings of achievement
6. Followed by deception and depression, the feeling as I was leaving the company. It's normal to have some set backs before the final taste of success
7. To final success and victory, something I'm sure the team will taste pretty soon.

Since I do have some spare time I'm available to help you implementing something similar in your organization, or share experiences with you if that is more appropriate. Check out my About page for more details

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