Open Letter to Mr Stephen Elop at Nokia

Mr. Stephen Elop,

In 1996 I bought my first mobile phone, a Nokia. It was selected because of the sturdy build, the excellent battery life, great call quality and ease of use. For the next 11 years I regularly bought a new phone. They were all, except for a mistake with a Motorola, Nokia phones, because they were great, easy to use and fashionable phones. This unfortunately all changed with the introduction of the iPhone in 2007. A newcomer, years ahead of the competition had arrived and the existing players had to play catch-up.

Nokia until today has not been able to catch-up. I've tried to stay loyal, but the gap is too large. I regret this and hope Nokia manages to survive and hopefully even better excels. You are new at Nokia, have an excellent track record and already showed initiative and commitment to Symbian. I like that and I've confidence you will listen to customer like me.

I will give you some tips and if you continue reading I even have a proposal for help.
  1. You former boss will probably try to convince you to adopt Windows Phone 7. It's tempting, but don't do it, you will loose the Nokia identity.
  2. Many others will tell you to adopt Android, but the same applies here. 
  3. It's not about Symbian, Maemo, MeeGo, it's about excellent user experiences.
  4. Excellent user experiences are defined by the details and not the technology. It requires focus on the user, something many engineering teams are lacking.
  5. Nokia builds the best and most detailed engineered hardware, with only half of the focus on hardware details would go into the software platform it would rock.  
I'm pretty sure you all thought about this and ask yourself the question: How? 

I happen to have some spare time and I'm available to help you. I've experience in refocussing engineering teams towards deliverables, details and an end user focus. Here are some options for you:
  1. You dare to take a risk: Send me a decent offer including some accommodation and a car and I'm your man!
  2. You are skeptical but interested: Give me three months accommodation, a car and a flight ticket and I come for Free!
  3. You are curious: contact me to have a discussion brainstorm on the topic
  4. You are polite: give me an personal answer and some pointers for trying
  5. You know it all better: Just ignore anything I said
... and as a bonus, I do speak some finnish too...

Best regards



I'd take a risk, if I was Mr. Elop... :-)



Nokia? isn't that a town in Japan?


Nokia is from Sudan.

Nokia is giant in the field of mobile in India

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Anupriya Wadhwani

Nokia has 130,000 employees across 120 countries, sales in more than 150 countries and annual revenues of around €38 billion.

Peter Cheah

Aad ...

Nowdays you need a good strategy… Look at Samsung..  Head, I win and Tail you lose… If you want to
be a Hero.. Then you must have to be a Steve Jobs.. Period…

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