New Opportunity: Location Based Business Apps

Community-designed geotag iconIn the past 2 years, as a result of an abundance of GPS equipped mobile devices, there has been an enormous development of location based social applications. Foursquare, Gowalla, Facebook Places, etc all exist because location has become the new context for our social behavior. This additional location context has create new social, search and commercial opportunities.

I'm wondering why I haven't seen business and productivity applications embrace of the new location context. In applications like of instance note taking, CRM systems, hour registration, etc. there are huge opportunities to provide additional convenience to the user by using the additional information. Some examples I've recently been thinking about:
  1. Notes. Imagine you are at a customers site and take notes. It's very likely the customer is in your address book, so why not use your current location to preselect or filter the most likely account and link it to the note. This rich context is cumbersome to enter manually, but now it becomes super easy and convenient. 
  2. CRM. Take an automatically geo tagged photo of a business card and email/upload to a CRM system that based on the geo tag automatically links the image to the nearest account. It's convenient, you don't loose it and the real information can be processed later, even by someone else.
  3. Hour entry. You are a consultant that travels between customers and jobs. While moving around you check-in/out at every location. The combination of the start/end time and the location give you insight of the hours spend at an off-side location and the distances traveled. It's even a solid basis for an invoice proposal without having to enter any real data.
Share your ideas on location opportunities in business and/or productivity applications or let me know about applications that already embraced location.

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