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Circle of friends
Image: Roger Price
Like so many people I participate in various (social) networks, publish, share and republish information. I've been doing this in a very liberal way, I connected to many people, I republished everywhere and now as a result it has all become too confusing. In the various social networks I'm connected to roughly the same group of people, everybody is republishing everything everywhere and all I'm doing is reading the same information many times.

I'm putting an end to this and I've defined a clear set of guidelines for my 'circles of friends' in the various networks. The circles start from larger, more public to smaller and more private.
  1. My public life stream, a clear list of all my public activities available for everyone, but without any interaction. Feel free to visit when you feel like it.
  2. This blog with mainly professionally focused articles. Comments are unmoderated and open for everyone. You can easily subscribe to the feed!
  3. My Twitter, I publish a mix of private and professional content. At times you might find it too much. Nothing stops you to follow me and if you have something to say and not sell I might follow you back.
  4. Digg, I'm one of the rare people that actually likes Digg and feel free to connect to me and 'Digg' some of my submissions.
  5. LinkedIn for my professional connections. If we have worked together in any form or shape, or if we just vaguely know each other and I remember you we can connect. The true value are recommendations I will make them for my special business contacts, but never when we are currently doing business. Feel free to connect and it's highly appreciated if you make a recommendation for me. No Twitter content will be republished in my LinkedIn stream (and I recommend everybody to do so), but my blog entries (limited number) will be imported.
  6. Facebook for my personal connections. A personal connection is more than someone I just happen to know, this means having worked in the same organization of just have attended the same conference or never really personally met is not going to make you a personal connection. I must really feel a connection with you and is something that changes over time. Status update will not fed from external services (e.g. Twitter), except for my blog entries will be imported as notes, because my personal connections have shown their interest in my posts.
  7. Foursquare, Gowalla and other location social interaction focused networks for real close personal connections. It's a subset of the Facebook connection and we must at least have participated in some real social activities. If I've never had a beer with you, you are probably not part of this circle.

On all other platforms don't expect any participation, activity or reactions. I'm probably going to abandon them anyway. This new set of guidelines will also have an impact on the connections I'm having in the more personally focused networks. Don't feel offended when I 'de-friend' you, It's not you, it's just reality I need to make choices. After the weekend everything will be different!

Please let me know if you have better suggestions on dealing with the confusion and duplication of information. React in the comments below.


Streamlining the streams makes sense.

Striking is not one of these streams uses Active Directory. I wonder who will "tear down that wall"

Very nice, a personal social media policy. You may need an addendum for Farmville and the like. "Aad't why haven't you joined my zombie-fighting mafia war?"

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