Apple iOS 4.2 - Nobody Cares

Yesterday Apple released iOS 4.2 to unify the software versions on the iPhone, iPod and iPad. It gave the tech scene something to write about and numerous articles with exaggerating the importance, lots of new stuff, how to guides, etc. have been written. My RSS reader was in overload.

Nice for the tech scene, gives them something to do, but no average user cares about this at all. I will give you some reasons why:

  1. After the update you have no idea you got something new. There is just no difference with anything you had before!
  2. Multitasking, most people don't even know what it is. They just got used to the powerful simplicity of iOS. Press the 'home' button, select an application, do some work and go back 'Home' and repeat the process. Really who do you think will ever figure out you can now double click 'Home' and do some swiping to get to a previously used application.
  3. AirPrint, First nobody has a suitable printer and second 99% of the people use their iPhones and iPads to surf a bit on the web and do some gaming. It's for consumption and entertainment not for output. 
  4. AirPlay, Who has an Apple TV, it's not even available in most parts of the world! Even if you have one, just consider the following: When are you in you living room using your iPhone/iPad to watch some movies, Yes.. when the rest of the family is watching a boring sitcom. They will really appreciate if you interrupt their favorite sitcom with the latest lol cats you found on YouTube
  5. Folders, again something too complex. There is for the average user (not the tech geek that reads all the How to guides) no visual clue that you can create a folder with dragging (how to get into dragging mode anyway) can create a folder. 
  6. Game Center, probably the best feature of them all. However again only for a selected target audience.
  7. Unified Inbox, go and explain to your mom that she can now have multiple email accounts and still get them into one list. For most average people this is just too confusing. The reason for multiple email accounts is to have the separate.
Anyway, for most Apple fanboys, including me, iOS 4.2 brings welcome new functionality. However the iPhone and iPad go beyond the traditional Apple fanboys and are appealing to a larger audience that really doesn't care about iOS 4.2

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