My Last Day at Exact

Today after almost 12 and a half years I left the Exact headquarters for the last time as an employee. In all those years I've had a fantastic time and I could never have imagined that it would last so long. Exact gave me the opportunity to build a career, to work with the best people in the industry and deliver exciting products. I’m proud of what I, together with all the fantastic people at Exact, have achieved and will carry the great memories with me. I’m especially proud of all the people who are less visible that supported me to get where I am today.

Why did I leave?

I’ve always said that life consists of a chain of five-six year chunks, you move from elementary school, secondary school, your studies into your first job, second job, etc. I’ve done now 12 years, a double shift and a good moment to explore other opportunities. I've done some careful reflection of my ambitions, my  interests and what I like doing the most. I'm a creative mind and a changed environment will do me good. I will take Exacts lessons and experiences into a different and new direction, it might be the entrepreneurial spirit the encouraged me to take some risk. I'm curious and excited about new challenging environments. I’m grateful that I’m in the position to make this choice.

I’m leaving with mixed feelings, I’m sad to leave many great things behind, but know that the people left behind will continue to do great things. I’m also excited to explore new opportunities in other environments. I see sparkles of glitter and joy in the unknown. I want to thank Exact and it's people for giving me the opportunity to become who I am and I want to thank you all for working with me and enriching my life.

What about the future?

I’ve many ideas, but no plans. I'll at least take the rest of the year off to emotionally detach and have a good rest to clear my mind and soul for my next opportunity. I'll start with a two week vacation to Japan, you can follow the trip here. I see this as the first step into a new adventure into the unknown. After the trip it's very likely that reality will finally hit: I'm without a job! Luckily there is a huge backlog with chores in and around the house that I look forward to get done. It's a great way to keep busy and build up some relationship credits before going into a new busy job.

A little further forward in time I'll probably ending up doing something with innovative and social technology. There is so many disruptive and interesting things going on, I'm sure there will be something that will capture my mind.

What's next?

Nobody knows... but you can keep up to date by subscribing to this blog, follow me on twitter, contact me on skype or drop me and email: aad[at]

Thank you all for working with me.