A Morning with Surprises

Surprise, South Lambeth, SW8
Credit: Ewan-M
This morning I had breakfast, against the normal pattern, at my desk in the home office. At the computer I opened a browser and for no particular reason went directly to twitter.com. After an initial surprise that the #newtwitter really exists and is not a hoax after all I started to play around a bit. I liked what I saw and felt in love. However at the same time I felt some sadness for my previously beloved web based twitter client brizzly.com. It served me very well and I'm pretty sure it was also a good inspiration for Twitter. I had a last look at Brizzly and was welcomed with a set of new features. I checked them out, made up my mind and changed my pinned tabs in the browser. Twitter you won, based on the snappy performance of the client.

I continued to scan some news and run into a lengthy blog post: End of the Road for Xmarks. This is really sad, because Xmarks is by far my most valuable service I'm using. It's an essential component to keep all the bookmarks of all the different browsers on various machines and operating systems synchronized. I never really thought about it and took it for granted that bookmarks automatically showed up everywhere. I respect and understand the reasons to stop the service, nobody should pursue a business that isn't viable. At least I've 90 days to figure out an alternative, because the synchronization features of browsers are still a long way from synchronizing between the various browsers.

How was your morning?


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