User Experience - The Battle

About a month ago I wrote about some tips on getting started with User Experience. Now you are well on it's way, gave your teams freedom and they plastered the walls with mood boards, schemas, designs, etc.

You are getting attention for your team and heaps of requests for help.

The requests usually go along the following lines:

  • Can you design a new icon set?
  • Can you write guidelines for standard components in my applications?
  • Can you design some of the screens for me?
  • Can you test and improve the usability of ....
... and now you battle starts. The requests are usually always related to design, usability and improving an already existed product. It hardly ever refers to business goals, users and their happiness. 

This is where it's getting tough for you. You now constantly needs to explain that User Experience starts with your target market, for who are you building your solutions, what are their business goals and pains? What is the functionality and which functionality delivers most value addressing the business pains. Every project needs to start with user research with users from the target market you are addressing. These don't have to be existing customers, actually you don't want to have only customers in your research group. They are already 'brainwashed' with you mind set and are biased. It's gonna by tough, but keep repeating and never ever settle for a mediocre approach. 

Ask your product guys a simple question: Do you want to optimize the customer's business processes to improve their efficiency or do you want to drive and grow the customer's business?

Good luck with your challenges.

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