Road testing Gowalla and Foursquare

Last Saturday I had a few hours to kill and spend them hopping around a few locations, a great opportunity to road test Gowalla and Foursquare. For the tests I most of the time used an iPhone and in a few other situations an iPad. I was traveling in the north of the Netherlands and unfortunately the cellular data reception was poor, but that makes the test so much more realistic.

The test is nothing scientific, it just reflects some of my personal experiences

The Gowalla stuff I liked:

  • It's the beauty, especially the iPad app is really stunning!
  • It's faster, at least in my experience, to bring up a list of places nearby.
  • It rewards creating new places by tweeting them around.
  • It surprises you with newly found items and adds some fun by swapping them around.
  • It's cool to add pictures with your check-ins.
The Foursquare stuff I liked:
  • It's the beast, with more users (and more of my friends) and sharing is more fun with friends.
  • Has much more places already available (unfortunately also many doubles).
  • Mayorships are there to be protected.
  • The surprises are in the badges, however it's getting harder and harder to get new ones
  • Keeps cool stats of you check-ins.
Is this all relevant? No! Was it fun to do? Yes!

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