iPad Disappointment

I love my iPad, it's really a pleasure to lay on the couch and consume content. I've significantly increased the amount of information I consume, just because it's always around. The endless battery, the instantly on capabilities, the snappy performance and smooth touch experience makes it a joy to use.

So why the title of this post? You first need to understand that I prefer to centrally store my information in the cloud to eliminate the need for synchronization, back-ups. I always can access the most recent version from any device I'm using. I keep most of my documents and notes in Google Apps and my presentations on Microsoft SkyDrive.

Unfortunately both web applications have decided that the iPad browser is Mobile Safari and only allow me to view read-only version of the documents and presentations. This is fine for most situation, but especially for note taking or last minute editorial adjustments (The Microsoft scenario for Office Web Apps) it would be extremely useful to have edit capabilities.  I'm disappointed that both Google and Microsoft don't give the the option to switch to the full browser version.

Call to action: Microsoft and Google the mobile web is changing, todays mobile devices are capable enough to run full web apps. Give us what we need, not what you are capable of delivering!


nice info..still wish iPad supported Flash. It would be wise for the iPad to support other browsers. I know there is a work around for this.

Companies are considering using the iPad for presentation of marketing materials to Doctors, Hospitals etc. Some developers are taking about using the iPad for a Point of Sale app.

While I was in Paris, I watched a student use an iPad while walking through the Musée de l'Orangerie, Paris France. During a dinner in Brugge Belgium I witnessed a photographer showing some wedding photos to his customer.

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