Windows Phone 7 - Where are the physical phones?

Lately a lot is written about Windows Phone 7 and this is a good think. Many people, including me are curious and would like to get their hands on one. I saw the first demos back in February and it looks really neat and I share many of the reviews I've been reading lately.

I actually give Windows Phone 7 a chance to succeed, however it will not depend on the operating system. It's all about the phone, the piece of jewelry you are carrying around. A great user experience consists of 2 parts, the functionality offered and the emotion attached. I'm pretty sure the hardware specs set by Microsoft and the feature set of the operating system will provide more than enough functionality. However the emotion is for a large part determined by the physical device, what are the materials used, is it shiny and does it attract girls?

Microsoft if you want Windows Phone 7 to be a success ask the device manufactures to leak some smoking hot images of the devices, so we can really get exited about the emotions it gonna give us. For your information the Samsung phone used in the reviews is NOT a great example of a hot phone.


Aad, device is inderdaad niet mooi maar is ook maar een developer prototype. Ik heb al een paar dingen gezien en er zitten echte pareltjes bij. Ben benieuwd welke hardware wanneer beschikbaar komt.

btw, de software is wel mooi, als je op kantoor bent geef even een gil dan kun je even spelen met de Samsung die ik heb liggen.




Kom er zeker een keer mee spelen... wat ik wil aangeven is dat een 'chick magnet' telefoon zijn werk moet doen voordat de software zichtbaar wordt ;-)


Helemaal mee eens, btw, toen ik de Samsung op roze instelde wilde mijn vrouw er meteen ook 1 :)

Now Sept...HTC Windows 7 Phone posters are all over the Redmond campus. But the softies I see using smartphones are using iPhones.

[Earth to Ballmer: give WP7 a base buy Blackberry/RIM]

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