Windows Phone 7 - Where are the physical phones?

Lately a lot is written about Windows Phone 7 and this is a good think. Many people, including me are curious and would like to get their hands on one. I saw the first demos back in February and it looks really neat and I share many of the reviews I've been reading lately.

I actually give Windows Phone 7 a chance to succeed, however it will not depend on the operating system. It's all about the phone, the piece of jewelry you are carrying around. A great user experience consists of 2 parts, the functionality offered and the emotion attached. I'm pretty sure the hardware specs set by Microsoft and the feature set of the operating system will provide more than enough functionality. However the emotion is for a large part determined by the physical device, what are the materials used, is it shiny and does it attract girls?

Microsoft if you want Windows Phone 7 to be a success ask the device manufactures to leak some smoking hot images of the devices, so we can really get exited about the emotions it gonna give us. For your information the Samsung phone used in the reviews is NOT a great example of a hot phone.

Mobility - The Future of Computing

Today I did a little presentation on mobility at mini seminar of one of our business partners Qube ICT solutions. I addressed some of the technical aspects on what is possible today and what will be possible tomorrow. The interesting aspect of the morning was the combination with Albert Kooijman who also addressed many of the more organizational and psychological aspects.

If you can't see the presentation you can also find it here

User Experience - Getting Started

A while ago I reported that one of my focus areas for 2010 is the implementation of solid User Experience (UX) design into our products. I'm not a UX expert, but the evangelist and facilitator for the process to embed UX design into everything we do. I've learned, made mistakes and here I've some times that might help you if you are going to do the same.

1. Convince your management that it's necessary to invest in UX. Explain that it's a lot more than just usability but involves emotions and feeling with any interaction your company has with the customer. Eventually for commodity products and services  the experience (or price) is the only thing that differentiates you from the competition.

2. Hire professionals! This sounds simple, but often you will hear that person x knows enough about usability. Continue to explain you need to get into the emotions of people and need professionally trained people for this. Finding the right candidates can also be a challenge, it's a new profession and experts are hard to find. A good starting point is to initially work with students and graduation projects to learn, experience possible results and build a network with the educational institutes. They can become a source of tallent for you.

3. Give your newly hired experts lots of freedom and space. Normally you are probably thinking in terms of standards, frameworks and feasibility. This is all good, but does kill creativity and thus gives you more of the same and not something new. If you want to innovate and attach new emotions to your products and services you have to start doing things differently.

4. Continue to communicate in all possible ways. Encourage your team to show results, create mood boards in public places. You only change the perception of UX if you allow people to experience visualized emotions.

In a next article I will share some best practices on how best to work with other disciplines.

Infographic about yourself

Infographics are really cool way to visualize a lot of information into one simple graphic. There seems to be a trend to use them more and more. Unfortunately it requires graphical skills to create them and therefor not everybody can do it. If you want an Infographic about yourself, just check out: and with a few question you can create a cool Infographic with you as the subject. Below you can see a screen shot of mine.

How does your Infographic look like?