Wanna Job? Where is your online CV?

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In recent years I've done quite a bit of hiring and I've always been surprised how few people have an online CV and/or complete portfolio. In most cases I get emails with attached dead Microsoft Word or PDF documents as CV's. I don't read those! I will Google you!

Positions I've been hiring are all around the development of web products, from designers, engineers to product managers. I do expect the candidates to have  a personal web presence, because you can only experience the user if you are a user. In all cases when deciding to invite a candidate I will Google the person and investigate how the candidate actively maintains his or her web presence. This doesn't mean I don't respect privacy or get shocked by drunken party pictures, but just shows how you present yourself in public.

Research has show that now more than half of the adults Google themselves to monitor their online identity. You should do the same and even start to actively manage your online identity. The simplest is to maintain an online CV. Some good starting points are:

  • LinkedIn, an absolute minimum when applying for professional jobs. 
  • DoYouBuzz, like LinkedIn with added functionality to link your personal blog and maintain a simple portfolio. It even can download to a PDF if the viewing party still prefers this.
  • Visual CV, following a similar pattern.

The online CV's rank quite well in most search engines. Especially if you regularly maintain the content and keep you portfolio fresh and up to date.

Note: I do not appreciate any job offers based on this information. The CV's are only created for illustration


I use emurse http://petermarshall.emurse.com one of the things I liked about it was the url, but also it provides multiple formats for downloading the cv.

It's really important to have an online CV so that the potential client can easily review the profile. I learn a lot from your post. Thanks for sharing it.

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