Scrum for big infrastructure projects

Yesterday I visited the book launch of 'De Kracht van Scrum' (Dutch). It was a nice event with Jeff Sutherland speaking about scrum and he re-convinced me that scrum is the best method available today for software development projects. I'm happy that at Exact more and more teams are adopting scrum and start to deliver even better products with happier teams. I'm even more proud that some of the Exact teams participated in the movie about the book (Dutch only).

Later in the evening I arrived home where I found a letter from the city of Delft. It was about the train tunnel the city of Delft is building and announced that unfortunately the building project is behind schedule and the delay is at least a year. By the end of this year (6 months from now) a better planning, including budget issues can be given. For the rest it was all about how sorry they are for the people living in the mess etc.

When I thought about this and looked at some previous information from the city it became even stranger. The whole project started about 2 years ago with preparing the building site. Just 2 weeks ago the actual digging had started and the tunnel would be delivered in 2 phases, the first tracks in 2013, the next set in 2016 and the whole project including many new houses, parks, etc. would be complete in 2020.

All communications so far gives the impression that a very extensive waterfall planning has been prepared and with my simple thinking I started to consider why wouldn't they use scrum for implementing this kind of large infrastructure project. From a customer value perspective the first 2013 set of tracks create maximum value and thus should get top priority. Everything I've seen at the information and construction site shows clearly that the team is working on everything at the same time and is not giving focus to maximum customer value.

Does anyone know how to get contact information of the main project lead of the whole project so I can send this person 'De kracht van Scrum'


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