Peugeot, Sorry Too Late

A week later than the other three car manufacturers this time Peugeot tries to get my attention. Sorry Peugeot, you can't participate any more. Your efforts on expensive marketing material are impressive, the three dimensional picture viewable with the special glasses are a nice gimmick.

However like all the other car manufactures you make a mess of your web site. The first thing that hits me is that it doesn't work on a mobile device and when I open the site in a normal I can't find any relevant information. From the first image I can see that the RCZ looks cool and I want to know more. We all know that a 'from ...' price tag is nothing more than a teaser. I would like to know how fast it goes and how much it's gonna cost. I've not been able to find this on the action site. The site isn't much better and the only price list for the RCZ I've been able to find doesn't provide information for all the engine variations.

You have at this point absolutely lost me as a potential customer. You don't offer me the opportunity to research and force me to go and talk to one of your sales people. I'm not interested, but good luck with getting other potential customers at your dealers.

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