Mini, Audi and Alfa all want my attention in the same week

Three premium car brands are fighting for my attention. I'm not a marketing expert but I really don't understand. It's good however that they found me, not very difficult because my girlfriend drives a Mini that is on my name, I drive a company Audi and I've a history and weakness for Italian cars and owned Alfas before.

Lets review a possible outcome of this campaign. The Mini is a beloved vehicle and yes a new one would be nice and is even under consideration. The Audi, well Audi I've multiple times asked you to stop sending me marketing material, because I've lost all faith in Audi as a brand. Unfortunately my employer thinks differently and doesn't offer me choice. The Alfa it looks hot and yes I already checked the details and I'm definitely going to have a look next week when it gets launched. The score Mini 1, Audi 0, Alfa 1.

Now back to reality. I can't replace the company Audi with the Alfa, unless I buy the Alfa privately, an interesting proposition, but a bit expensive. Due to the tunnel construction in Delft and the parking inconvenience an alternative might be to just start driving only one car and support the environment by using a bicycle for commuting. The Mini is a bit small to be the only car of the house hold, but the Alfa would be large enough, it even has 4 doors. The new score becomes Mini 1, Audi 0, Alfa 2.

What the heck, not so practical just get the emotion of the moment. The Alfa by far out the most emotional.

Whatever the outcome is going to be, there is one clear winner and that is the Alfa, because it's on my radar and I already feel passionate about it. So passionate that I already write about it.

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