Global Distributed Software Development

Earlier today I did my first ever guest lecture at the Technical University of Delft. It was fun, especially when your realize that the students had no idea that remote collaboration before the internet was a lot harder than it's today.

I also used the opportunity to create and use a real prezi presentation. With some more practice, I start to enjoy and appreciate the concept more and more. Have a look for yourself, and don't forget the embedded videos.


This 'prezi presentation' is attractive and includes much information. Good that your guest lecture was fun -- congratulations. And that is an interesting realization about today's student perspective of pre-internet communications. (Was there communication/life-on-earth before the internet?)

The body of work for my blog is more in the built environment. However, there is currently a series of posts (a new post once each two weeks) that simply brings up 'RFID technology' as a topic for casual discussion.

It would be an honor for me, and not doubt interesting for readers, if you could make time at your convenience to write a comment on the current topic over at my blog: "GIVE ME A MOMENT a lifestyle".

I will occasionally look for new posts to read here on your blog, and if you wish, might be able to add a hopefully interesting casual comment from time to time. Congratulations again on the apparently successful guest lecture.

And as a blogger that also enjoys unusual monikers, just let me say to you -- aadjemonkeyrock, nice moniker


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