User Experience - You are not the user!

Being a User Experience ambassador I regularly do presentations on the subject. When addressing a development team I often use a slide telling: It's all about the user... You are not the user. .. neither is your boss. This to put emphasis on doing proper user research instead of assuming to know the user.

Recently Exact moved into a fantastic new building, designed based on the latest standards and convenience to create a great inspiring workplace. After the move I felt almost instantly at home as if I've been working here for years. However there are a few small details that I've difficulties getting used to and I started to question the design.

To prove my point I did a little survey by tweeting 2 pictures 'push or pull?' and 'push or turn?' and waited for responses to prove my point.

Push or Pull?
Push or Turn?
The results came in and most answers where NOT what I expected. For most people the interaction with these two products was clear and intuitive.

User Experience, It's all about the User.... and I'm NOT the user!  Always do your User Research just to make sure.

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