Sometimes a step back is necessary to move forward

I live in Delft, a nice small historic town in the Netherlands. The small, cute, pretty but on the west side of town disturbed by an elevated railroad track. It's build in the 60's and was a symbol of progress, because now the trains could now cross the city without having to disturb traffic.

Long time ago the trains would run at street level along the canal. Filling up the canal and elevating the train tracks created room for the expanding number of motor vehicles.
Now 50 years later train traffic has increased significantly, creating more noise pollution and there is demand for more tracks to facilitating the growing number of trains. The city of Delft for a long time discussed building a tunnel. This year the build has finally started. 
Building a 2.3km long tunnel through the center of a historical town is not easy. It's an engineering challenge and is going to cause quite some disturbance. I'm living next to the construction zone and for at least the next 3-5 years it's going to effect my life. This is going to be a lot of construction noise, It will be harder to reach home, I've to deal with constant rerouting of traffic and detours, I'll have parking problems, my apartment will unsellable and probably a lot more hassles I'm not aware of yet. This is the price we pay for progress, because when the project will be done it's going to be great. No noise from the trains, a great new city part and lots of other city improvements and the value of my apartment will recover. 

In my professional life I'm busy with progress in business software, or better how can businesses benefit from Information Technology. Right at this time 'cloud computing' it going to be a major technology shift necessary to provide us with the next phase of progress. Like the train tunnel it at first only looks like a big disturbance related to business models, security, conversions etc. However it's a phase that needs to be accepted. Those jumping in first will also resurface first and be the fist to enjoy the benefits. 

Some pictures on the mock-up for the tunnel I made a while ago.


Erik Monchen

There is a nice 3D impression as well on the bottom of this page:
(Dutch only)

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