Scrum full circle

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A long time ago in the days I still wrote code I already created software solutions in small incremental steps. I wanted constant feedback on my performance and challenged myself to have constantly demo-able software. Later when I moved into coaching and managing roles I always told engineers to make small steps at the time. Create visibility so others can help you shaping your solutions.

This was also the time when Scrum started to appear and although at first it seamed an exotic way of creating software it started to attract my attention. I became an evangelist at my employer, especially when some projects had some planning issues. This is already quite a while ago as can be seen in my life stream by the favorited videos 'Agile vs. Waterfall: A Tale of Two Teams' and 'Scrum et al.' on the subject.

This resulted to a first implementation at Exact Research and later in the Asia Development Center. Today it's slowly moving thru the whole organization creating better predictable plannings and better motivated teams. The implementation now further sells itself based on the initial results.

During the implementation we had support and coaching by Rini van Solingen. His expert knowledge helped us refine the process. Recently he also started to adopt scrum at his employer iSense and this included selling scrum based projects. For the sales team he developed a workshop and asked me to participate. I was asked to be/play the customer that needed to get convinced by the sales people. It was fun not being the evangelist, but showing some resistance. The gals and guys did great and it didn't matter how much I tried, it was impossible to resist them. For me this was the 'scrum full circle' experience.


On request of iSense I will clarify that it about bringing the Scrum projects to the next level for the iSense Prowareness ( offering.


Very nice. This is beautiful work.

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